We have a next door neighbor who is chicken-sitting for the summer. My wife wanted some eggs, and I did a bit of research before we accepted any. Because you can never be too safe :). But I figured you guys might also find this video about it do farm eggs have to be refrigerated also very insightful.

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While I was watching Despicable Me two or three, whichever the most recent movie was, I couldn't stand it at some point and had to stop. Of course my children enjoyed it, but the movie eventually degraded into nonsensical noises made by these little creatures called Minions. And to my surprise the creators made a great deal of organization to this language - do the minions in despicable me speak a language.

UPI shared a story about a couple in Ohio who created a giant Despicable Me out of what looks like a grain silo. What a great idea! I'd enjoy seeing that thing for the first couple weeks. Then I'm not sure how much I'd like it.